220-Vimochana Santhe (market)

On 8th August, 2015, to raise funds for Angel Roopa Kumari and Malathi Saroj

Angel Roopa Kumari, fifty five years old tirelessly worked in Vimochana for fifteen years reaching out to women in distress: through counseling and crisis intervention, mobilizing resources for their education and illness; connecting and providing safe places for women and children who are victims of abuse and empowering powerless women to find strength in resistance.

She did this till her last breath. She was indeed a deeply committed woman. Angel left us on 20 June, 2015 after a long struggle with cancer. The last months were extremely difficult as the pain became unbearable.

But she has left behind a community of people who mourn her loss and remember her in gratitude. She has left behind too a wonderful and caring family comprising of her husband, son, daughter in law and a grandson who have been with Angel holding her in her pain, trying to find resources that could pay for her expensive medical treatment.

And so, we in Vimochana who mourn her loss and know of the family’s burden want to humbly offer them a purse through the donations that we plan to raise by organizing this Santhe.

The proceeds of the Santhe will also be used for Malathi Saroj, a theatre activist who has dedicated her life for transforming the lives of the Devadasi women from one of helplessness to one of hope. Her work with children through Prajna, an NGO founded by her for enabling children to experience their childhood in its fullness has been well documented. In recognition of her selfless commitment to bring qualitative change in the lives of the vulnerable, she was honoured by the State government.

Friends, we believe that both Angel Roop Kumari and Malathi Saroj are truly deserving of the generosity of all those whose lives they touched and therefore we come to you with this appeal which we hope you will support and contribute.

You can support by patronizing the Santhe from 11 am to 5 pm and offering yourself as a volunteer.

To contact Vimochana directly as a volunteer, please call this number: 25492783.

– Vimochana


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