Register – August 8th, 2015 flea market


Vimochana-220 FLEA MARKET

Please read through carefully before you fill out the form and submit it.


At 220, we have been supportive of causes that bring meaning to our lives. We are happy to be co-hosting a flea market, along with Vimochana, on August 8th, 2015.  In the spirit of recycling, the Second to None stalls will be all about second hand products which you no longer need, and upcycled products made from waste materials.

The Vimochana stalls will have second hand goodies collected for this causeThey will also have products from their women’s network, which may be new.

Registration details required for SECOND TO NONE stall owners only:

FOOD: If you are keen on putting up a food stall, please contact Vimochana directly, as this time, 100% of the food stall proceeds are being donated to the cause.


Forum for Women’s Rights
33/1-9, Thyagraj Layout
Jaibharath Nagar, Bangalore 560033

The market will support up to 25 sellers.

If you register as a seller, you are signing up to be at the market for the
whole day: 11 AM to 5 PM

Depending on the number of sellers and the takers for slots, Second to None will facilitate the slots and inform you, via e-mail.


Please provide all the information asked for and submit. You will receive an e-mail at the ID you specify, to confirm your participation.


The Vimochana office premises is a beautiful brick building, with a courtyard, balconies, and outdoor spaces.

In the spirit of an open market, while we will arrange tables for displaying goods, please bring mats / sheets of about 4 feet x 6 feet to cover the tables OR display your goods. Chairs will be made available.

Arrival time: Please be at the venue with your goods by 10.00 AM.

Fee: No registration fee for selling.

However, 50% of the sale proceeds to be donated to Vimochana, as this market is helping raise funds for a cause. Read more about the cause here.

We may update the forum with new information, so please do stay in touch.



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