220 Flea Market Registration


Second to None flea markets will be be held in community spaces. (like Jaaga in Bengaluru).

They will be one day events or weekend events, depending on space availability.

We have made some changes to the registration process. A form will be available on this blog to send in your registration. Please fill it out. You can also send an e-mail to this ID: secondtononemarket@gmail.com, if you are unable to complete the form.

This is so we know who’s selling and who’s visiting!

Please mention on which date you want to come in (if the event is a 2 day affair). See the event announcements before you register. You are confirmed as a seller when you receive a confirmation e-mail from an administrator of the Second to None team (Anu Gummaraju, Reena Chengappa, Shilpa Kamath).

Registration is free. Only if the space we use requires a rental fee, we will discuss how it is to be paid for, perhaps a small contribution from each seller. Else, no registration fees.


22 thoughts on “220 Flea Market Registration

  1. Hey, this is such a wonderful idea and I definitely want to support and be a part of 220. I have some garden furniture that I would like to sell. Please let me know how I can be part of the flea market? Thanks. Archna. 9945201024

    • Hello,
      When the next event will take place? I would love to participate in selling baked continental sweets like pies, pastries, cupcakes…..

  2. Hi, I have a couple of side tables that fit in the boot of my car, two cane moodas, lots of bags of various sizes and shapes, 10-15 books and some odds-ends. Felt so good to de-clutter and I hope they find good homes!

  3. Hey this is a wonderful idea and I would like to pe a part of it. I have some baby item like car seater ,baby muscial gym etc that I would like to sell. Please let me know how can I be a part of this venture and when will the next flea market taking place

  4. Hi, I was wondering if I could be a part of the flea markets that you organize. I am into making customized (handmade) goodie bags (return gift attractive bags) toffee pouches for kids birthday, birthday party decoration, Diwali/party decorations, attractive gift wrapping options, paintings (from a budding artist). Could you please let me know what I need to do to be a part of you all and when and where the next market is going to be held.

    • Sunrita,
      At Second to None we focus on second hand goods, and recycled crafts. So if your stuff is made out of recycled materials, you are most welcome. We do not have new products in our markets.
      Will announce the next market here and on our facebook page soon.

  5. Hi Anu,
    The stuff that I make are mostly from children’s left over craft items, used wrapping papers, hand made paper and are all reusable biodegradable stuff. The items are intune with the cause that u support.


    • Hi, left over craft items, used wrapping paper is ok. Other hand made paper, or reusable stuff are not, as they are considered new. Do watch out for collaboration markets where hand made could be included! Thanks…

  6. hey
    I am a designer dealing with and creating art works on empty wine bottles and many more ,let me know if i can find some place to showcase them.

  7. we have friends who recycle tetra pack covers and make hand bags out of it… please let us know when the next event is

  8. hii…
    I want to put stall in Flea market any one can help me how can i registered in flea market when flea market will be organised in bangalore …….if u have any information plz feel free to call on 8147140506 (amit kumar) or mail me details on (amitbablu0@gmail.com) .

    Amit kumar

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