Here’s what is up for grabs at the April 28th market!

April 28th, 2013

At Rococo Gallery, Rest House Road (Off Brigade Road), Bangalore

11 AM to 6 PM


11 AM to 1 PM


Come over with scrap paper, used tin cans, or plastic bottles. Make fun bunting, and other decorative things to make 220 look festive! We will also give you some materials to work with.


Glass cutting

12 Noon and 2 PM

Demo on cutting waste glass to make charms, mobiles, and more! Catch Saarus of Glasshopper as she shares her glass-charm making skills.


Recycling Ideas 

All day

Come see recycling ideas that you can execute every day in your home, at the recycling corner. Easy to make, with materials that we discard everyday!


2 PM to 6 PM Devika Ganapathy and Arjun

will have a section to exchange toys. In the age range of 4 to 7 years.  If your kids have toys which they would like to exchange for another one, bring them along!


11 AM 

We Read Therefore We Are, book club, will be giving away about 70 books 


And here is the list of sellers! (This is subject to changes, please watch this space and the Facebook group for updates).

Krishna Kasturi Baby stuff: walker, mosquito net, bottle steamer, plastic sheets (queen sized), baby activity mat/gym, kids toys, puzzles, board games, sundry kitchen stuff – tea cups, saucers, china bowls, glass tumblers. Music CDs – instrumental, hindustani, bhajans. Electronic wires, cables. 11 AM to 1 PM
Bharathi Upcycled jewellery made with magazine paper 11 AM to 1 PM
Latha Feeding bottle steriliser, Coffee mug(s), some plastic items, coffee filter, antique brass crafts, toys, baby  tricycle 11 AM to 1 PM
Reena Daniel Used clothes 11 AM to 1 PM
Sarika Clothes, accessories, bags 11 AM to 1 PM
Kusum Rohra Accessories, household goods 2 PM to 6 PM
Manjari Boutique Recycled bottles, scrap cloth purses, and upcycled denim bags 2 PM to 6 PM
Josephine Upcycled grocery bags, totes, yoga mat bags, water dispenser covers. 2 PM to 6 PM
Samaneh Jawad Mini carpets, tiny pots around my house, bedsheets, and other household things 11 AM to 1 PM
Leena Minukempanna Used furniture and toys 2 PM to 6 PM
Devika Ganapathy Kids clothes and toys.Kids toy exchange 2 PM to 6 PM
Mahalakshmi Kids toys, Kids bicylce (2-4 years), decorative items, Sarees, Kids jeans (boys 2-5 years), Jackets (boys 2-4 years and women), Home decor items 2 PM to 6 PM
Aparna George Upcycled glass bottles and jars with paint, wool and crochet work 2 PM to 6 PM
Artsy Craftsy Mukta Hair and fashion accessories, upcycled glass bottles, bags, wall hangings, tissue boxes, trays Whole day
Anokhi Planet Handmade and upcycled Calvin and Hobbes Trays; fun coaster sets – Asterix, Tintin, Superheroes; and some of our old favourites Whole day
Sachin Furniture, household and kitchen items, grinder, old cloths, shoes, books Whole day
Yasmeen Clothes/Accessories/Home decor items Whole day
Swapna Namboodiri Glassy Dreamz has its ‘Go Green’ product range which includes handmade accessories from used plastic bottles ( Earrings, Kerala Mural painted pendant + earring set, Hair accessories, wrist bands etc ) And also handmade home- décor items from trash. Whole day
Rainbow Bunting Upcycled denim products, upcycled baby food tins, upcycled wine bottles Whole day
Marissa Products made from consumer waste mainly re-cycled soda and beer cans and also fabric waste. Whole day
Shylin David Plenty of books and clothes and knick-knacks Whole day
Nigel Martin Old and used DVDs of all regional Whole day
Smriti Mehra Clothes and accessories Whole day
Zehra Rafiq – Ethnocraft Up cycled teak and rosewood products like trays coasters,daddy’s stools blackboard Whole day
Aruna Padmanabhan Range of products made out of newspaper pulp and ceramic mixture. Vases, penstands and candle stands. Candles made with used candle drippings. Whole day
Indu Anthony Household goods, clothes, electronics Whole day
Satthvam Recycled carton carry bags and boxes, recycled scrap cloth products, recycled gift envelopes, thank you notes, gift tags, price tags (specially for the other sellers on 220 flea market!!)Women’s clothes – Sparingly used salwar suit, and other dresses, men’s clothes – Shirts, Sweaters, Kid clothes – onsies, jeans, etc. Whole day
Silver Nut Tree Upcycled jewellery and accessories made from PET Plastic,Punctured Rubber Tubes, washers, etc. Home decor products upcycled from, glass bottles, CDs, PET plastic Whole day
Leviathan Customz Pen stands from cassettes, upcycled tin cans, reused spray cans as decor pieces, jewellery fromjunk, hand painted bottles, framed art pieces scavenged from old magazines and catalogs and other odds and ends… Whole day
Arshi Anjum Used clothes, used accessories, a few decorative glasses, which have never been used Whole day
Audumbar Art Table lamps and also hanging lampshades made with used bottles. Whole day
Anu Gummaraju Gently used clothes, accessories, steel plates/bowls Whole day
Refresh Studios Lamps, lampshades, decor made with papier mache Whole day
Nikhil Hulamani Bottle art, pens made of news paper , catalog papers and book marks made of sheets of old invitation and greeting cards, quilling art on it, diaries- made of the pages of old diaries and quilling art on the cover. Frames made of old card board and wedding cards. Whole day


Shreeparvati Taravath Jams, pickles, tarts, melting moments. Whole day
Sowmya Reddy vegan food – sandwiches, cup cakes Whole day
Chocorazzi Cupcakes, gourmet desserts, chocolates, truffles Whole day
Gouri Tanmoy Assorted breads, confectionery, sandwiches & a cold beverage Whole day
GoodieFoodies Snacks Veg /non veg cutlets, chicken bun, aloo bun,kollakatta (steamed rice balls with coconut fillings) 2 PM to 6 PM

220 Facebook app. How, why, where…

We have had some conversations in the 220 Facebook group about an FB app for 220. There was a poll question too, and while some people said yes to the app, and some, no; many had questions on what app entails.

So here it is, some notes and information on what an FB app will potentially give us!

How will an app work?

A Facebook app is an application that runs within the Facebook framework. It is a separate piece of software that plugs in to Facebook and allows users to interact with the app, when they are logged in to Facebook. Example: The Farmville icon / ad that displays in the right sidebar.

When users first access the app, you will be asked whether you want to allow this app to be installed, and whether you will allow it to access your basic information. (220 will not use your information for any purpose, whatsoever, except to allow access to this app).

Accessing the app

A recognizable icon will display on your Facebook page, once you have accessed the app the first time. This will continue to display every time you log in. You can click on it to go to the app.

The home page for 220 will display in the center of your Facebook page. It will look different from the Facebook Group that we currently use. It could look like a mini web site, depending on the features in the app.


All information, photographs posted via the app will reside outside Facebook, in a space owned by 220. It will be administered by 220.

Potential Features

PLEASE NOTE: All the points listed here are on the wish list. They may not all be possible to code, or at one shot. They are features that an app can allow and must be read as such. Some of these features can very easily be done, while some may take a whole lot of effort, some may not be possible. But here they are…

220 does not want to move outside Facebook, to an external website, because all of us have built up such a great trust factor and sense of network in Facebook, and we want to keep it that way.

Finding the Photos tab, clicking it, looking for the correct photo album, clicking it to reach the products in that album Categories of products will be available as links on the home page. Click a category to reach the products in that category
Many members, especially new members, do not read the About section and remember to add all the information required for a product post. Buyers have to constantly ask questions. Members can post new products in a separate dialog box; by entering information in specific fields. Example: You can select from a list of categories, sub-categories, reason for sale, pick up location, enter the price mandatorily.
Retain relevant information
All types of posts – questions, sale enquiries, recycling ideas, links to articles, etc. are displayed in the one available stream in the group page. They get easily pushed down and lost in traffic. There will be unique links on the home page. Click a link to go to the corresponding information. Example: Clicking a Recycle Ideas link will display all the ideas and pictures shared by members.So the real estate on the Home Page can be used for various things, buy/sell being one aspect of the 220 page.
Admins cannot send crucial information, updates or messages to all members at one shot. So members lose out on some important communication, and have to wade through the info in the About section. Members can receive important updates when relevant. rest assured, 220 will NOT spam your inbox!
When new members are added, no communication can be automatically sent to them about the regulations. New members, when added to the group, will receive an automated mail with all necessary info, which they can store for reference.
Could even have a messaging feature just between buyers and sellers.
Information organization / Ease of use
FB user interface (screens and controls on the screens) is very static. ALL the information shared today on 220 sits in one big clump and we cannot make any changes to remove / highlight any content. The app home page will allow separate areas of the screen for different activities. For example:Live stream of posts, like in the current group page, but in a designated area of the screen.A section on links to useful recycling resources, organizations, groups. (Currently some of this info is available in Docs, difficult to navigate or find, unless you know where to look).A section on DIY.

A blog section/link.

A set of links to each category of products.

A marquee or message area displaying any new info that 220 publishes, including flea market announcements, workshops, etc.

Feature space, where you can feature the DIY of the week/month, or a great reuse idea, and so on.

Searching for desired products
Possible with FB group search, but few people know about this. Also, search is based on keywords only. For Buyers: App will allow search based on product category, geographic location, keywords, tags, rating of the seller etc.For Sellers: Search if someone is looking for your product (with similar advanced search capacity)
Sold products
Members must mark as sold, and admins have to trawl entire albums to find what is sold, for collecting data and deleting obsolete posts. Members can click a Sold button on their product and the app can move / delete / automatically enter data at the back end.
Flagging products, price alerts, spam
Done in the form of comments, which can get lost Can provide a button click for this.
Rules and regulations
All info and rules can only be in the About section. A precis, or link can be displayed up front, on the home page of the app, at all times.
Following rules
Currently, everything that you, as a user, share on Facebook, falls under the terms and condition of Facebook. When you use an app, there will be stricter guidelines implemented, and to be followed. Users must take responsibility for their products/posts. A detailed Terms and Conditions will have to be read and agreed to, so that the group can function free of any issues.

<Added> The app will also address access on mobile devices. 

Examples of apps

The screens shown below are samples from other Facebook apps. Included here only to show how the screens for an app may look like, once an app is developed and hosted in Facebook. The overlaid sections that have been marked out show the potential features that 220 could have. They are not yet built, they are only ideas.


Sample 2

sample_app2 Sample 3

Looking at the size of the group and the large volume of posts and activity occurring in the group, we believe that an app is essential to handle all the content in a way that makes it easy for the members using the app. There is no other motivation to build this app – it is only to make 220 a cooler, and easier place to interact.

So do share your thoughts as comments on this blog – any comments on the 220 Facebook group will get buried in cascading posts!