Napkin rings with cardboard and extra paper

How does one imagine turning this…
paper tube
…into these?
napkin rings with cardboard and paper

At mayamade, nothing is impossible, as I am completely surprised each time I visit a new DIY project that has a beginning in turning something as innocuous as a toilet paper tube into a thing of beauty, AND, use. The idea is from there, where Maya uses the insides of security envelopes to such lovely effect. I have used colourful paper which looks good anyway, but I do want to look further and use even innocuous paper like she does, perhaps when the next set of bills come along :).

It is so simple. Just use a sharp enough serrated knife or mini saw to cut toilet paper tubes, kitchen tissue tubes. Trim the raw edges with sharp scissors. Cut colourful paper into exactly the same width as the cardboard and glue on. Use gently and these rings will last a while.

Thin strips of Chumbak gift wrap, left over after wrapping birthday gifts.

The borders of a thambulam (the coconut and betel leaf) giveaway cover from a wedding.

4 rings

Make them a little more interesting by gluing on a plain colour and over that, a colourful strip.
blue rings
So remember not to throw away those dull brown tubes. Slightly larger tubes from cellophane tape or masking tape and such can be converted into curtain rings too. The possibilities are quite endless!

DO SHARE your ideas on the blog, we would love to have them here for more readers to delightfully stumble on! Write a blog post, share your photographs. Just write in to with your ideas.


Rags to riches! Shreya Sonar

When Shreya first contacted Second to None,  her bubbling enthusiasm was what struck a chord. A student who is very serious about recycling, she is a talented artist who can bring the mundane to an exciting new life. To see her talent at work is exhilarating – you know that the potential is boundless! Shreya will make a difference in our lives, I am sure. Because when she shared some of things she has been making (yes, for our next flea market!) I simply had to share. Over to Shreya –

The mirror is something I made from an old ‘jhadoo’.

jhadoo mirror

The next couple of pictures are called ‘spirals’. They’re all made of old magazine paper or paper used on one side. They’re colourful and come in many sizes, they can be worn around the neck or strung into bracelets, anklets or even be used as wall decoratives. (Tack It helps it stick on wall as its just paper!) They can be used even to add dimension to a card or a journal, or an embellishment practically as anything! The Spirals are what I’ll be focusing on most.

paper accessories 1

paper accessories 2

And the last picture is of a wall frame, it is made from fabric that the tailors would usually consider as waste. 

wall frame

I love the theme ‘rags to riches’ and I really want to express this through Second To None.

We love it too, Shreya!

Upcycled silk!

It was a breezy afternoon on the beach in Trivandrum. Near white sand, clear waters and a family of three simply soaking up the sun. Only, suddenly a blaze of colour appeared stage left… It was street vendors selling wrap around skirts made from….. old silk sarees. The colours were so dazzling, I had to pick up a few. They were a 100 rupees each. Back in 2006. They didn’t get used much. Perhaps they were waiting for their new avatar, as little jewellery pouches or gift bags. Mythili (my SIL) and Mrs.Savithri (my mom-in-law) turn them into baubles I couldn’t have imagined! Here are just a few of them… For more, be sure to come to the 220 Flea Market!


pouch 2

pouch3Pics by Suresh G