A few flea market rules

Second to None is NOT a marketplace for new products or services, unless the products are made from recycled, upcycled materials. We occasionally support green ventures like handmade products, please check with us before registering.

It is ONLY to encourage a second hand, recycling practice, buying and selling of things among people. Like household goods, personal belongings – which can find REUSE. No toxic lead paint or garden manure. You get the idea.

Second to None will be organizing flea markets, hopefully on a regular basis, so please wait for the event announcements, to come over and sell / buy.

You can also buy / sell via the Second to None Facebook group, here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/secondnone/. Second to None flea markets do not have the infra to support the sale of large items.

You need to register for a flea market event only if you want to sell.

Registration is free. We only request that you co-operate with the venue rules and protocol (if any). And also be nice and make space for others like you who come to sell.

More notes, as and when they come along…


16 thoughts on “A few flea market rules

  1. hi… i m simply in love with second to none concept… it has inspired me to work on similar lines… hopefully i ll be able to execute the idea.. but presently i have started a small eco viable garment label… i just want to check the eligibility for getting associated with second to nones…

    eagerly waiting for reply 🙂

  2. Great idea ! Reminds me of garage sales overseas that I love to rummage through ! There’s something different about going to such events … it’s more personal. Discovered this too late, wd have loved to put up a stall/ sheet . But will be there for sure.

  3. Hi,
    I am artist creating designs with Nails (pins) and String. I would be interested in joining you. Please let me know the details.

    • Hi Priyanka,
      Thanks for writing. Second to None is about recycling and used goods only. it is not a crafts group. Some of the folk make craft-like products from waste or other recycled material. Only these can be posted / sold in the group.

      • Anu
  4. Hi All, sounds like a great place to buy/ sell & enjoy the experience. I am a Montessorian & mommy for 4 children.I always have a lot of good stuff that new mom’s can use.Even in the Montessori school i need to upgrade the materials now & then, the old material is good & can be recycled as they are soo expensive to buy in India. Hoew do i post an ad or pic.Currently i have a beautiful wood cradle for Rs2,500 & big slide for children between 2 to 8yrs can take upto 30kgs i think.Pls do let me know i can post pictures of materials that come up for sale thanks, Ghazala

    • Hi, Join the Facebook group (link is in the post above). You can post pics of things for sale in the photo albums. Just pick the right category photo album and upload, with all the required info. You can comment on a pic for it to show up on the group wall page.

  5. All the best 220 – great idea – love jumble sales , flea markets and all things usable – I’m a wire sculpture artist at present into 3 D origami swans and baskets out of used magazines. Wish I’d heard of this market earlier – would have loved to put up a stall and teach and sell – been teaching lesser privileged folk in other countries over the past 10 years. All proceeds from my sales go towards the fees of lesser privileged kids.

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