220 Flea Market Seller Guidelines


Second to None flea markets will be be held in community spaces. (like Jaaga). They will be one day events or weekend events, depending on space availability.

So the infra may be basic, may be over the top. We manage with what we have. If tables are available to display wares, we use them. Else, bring along sheets to spread on the ground. Each seller space will be a table OR a few square feet of space. (There may not be any pukka stalls erected).

We will publish a registration form about 2 weeks before the flea market. To register as a seller, you will need to fill up the info in the form and submit. Depending on the duration of the market, there may be half day or full day slots.

You are responsible for what you bring. So request you not to leave behind unsold wares nor leave them with other sellers (who in turn may junk them). Please take away with you what you have not sold.

If you have a do-it-yerself (DIY) project that you want to demo / display, please inform the organizers before the event so we can make the appropriate space available to you.

Respect the rules and requirements of the spaces we will sell at, and the market will be a completely fun event!


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