Repurposed wine box

With the 3rd flea market behind us, this week has been a glad one. The aftermath, of all the creativity, sense of purpose to recycle and of course, meeting great people, is a good one!

The heart of Second to None is really this, building a community. And it feels great when people share their repurposing ideas. This one is sent by Aparna, who converted a wine box into a jewellery organizer. The handles were made with bead buttons from a discarded dress and the hanging beads from another broken earring.

wine box closed

jewellery case open

Aparna, who lives in NJ, is a student of Chitra Kala Parishat and she believes in recycling. The pair of earrings in the middle of the jewellery case (between the long green beads and red beads) are made with chiku seeds. She makes lovely earrings with dried leaves, flowers, and seeds.

Thank you Aparna for sharing, via Suman Anand!

If you have a great recycling idea, do share it with us!


Infini-tee by maya*made

All this talk about repurposing old tee shirts into wall art and bags made me think of this lovely idea! By Maya, of maya*made fame. She uses two tee shirts in this project. And calls it infini-tee, so apt because it is a scarf, a skirt-wrap AND a shoulder poncho-like thing, all at one go! So so so inspiring, this is one of my favourites.

Go check out the instructions on how to make this here.

Sharing one pic from Maya’s blog here, for colour inspiration!


The picture is courtesy maya*made, please do not copy without permission from Maya.

The reinvention scarf from maya*made

Clothes that don’t fit any more, outdated styles that you wouldn’t be caught dead in, worn jeans with holes in the knees or cushion covers with zippers torn – if you are a hoarder of any of these or if you just happen to have them around, you have the makings of a beautiful stole. Uncommon prettiness can be found when mixing and matching simple pieces of fabric. Those inspiration brain cells need a small nudge, is all.

And all the inspiration in the world can be found at maya*made. Maya creates things of beauty from the most simple, every day materials that are a joy to see and read about. She has been a sport and has OK’d sharing some of her creations on Second to None, so here is one of many DIY projects! This is super exciting, actually 🙂 because I have been a fan!

This she calls the reinvention scarf. It IS a reinvention because the pieces come together to create something that is more than the sum of its parts. Plain fabric, pockets (!) to create a stash pouch, bits of lace, a few buttons maybe…

reinvention scarf

Inspired as yet? Read the full post here.

All quoted text and photographs are courtesy maya*made. Please do not copy posts or the photographs without prior permission from maya*made.