Second to None on Facebook: OPen Group

After considering the objectives of the group, and pros and cons of fostering a community-based group like this one, it is decided that 220 will REMAIN AN OPEN GROUP.

220 was started with the objective of spreading the word about recycling, free cycling and green living, adopting it as a lifestyle to be proud of, reducing the amount of waste that we generate, and giving back to the community we live in.

220 is as much about sharing ideas and knowledge, building on the expertise of people who can help us sustain this concept, and become active participants ourselves, as it is about buying and selling used goods.

220 is not envisaged as a shoppers club, with its members privacy completely protected. It follows the generic rules of any Facebook group, and currently, it has to function within the framework of the engine that it runs on.

An open group fosters community building. As many of you have mentioned, it provides a fantastic avenue to spread the word about the innovative, creative, sincere efforts that people across the globe are putting in to make this a better place to live in.

We are considering moving to a web app integrated with Facebook where the networking aspect of Facebook is retained, but with the advantages of categorization, buying and selling, and privacy. We will be talking to you about this to hear what you have to suggest. But this is in the future.

We have tried to address some of the concerns expressed in the group (collapsed into a unique list here). Please do not take responses personally, these are responses to the concerns at large.

Don’t want to spam all of my friends every time I post here.
I had to set their notion straight and had to explain to them all about 220
When the gifts are posted for sale, dealings are not made public to one and all.
They see activity such as me selling or buying stuff on 220, I have been asked uninvited questions.
Buying or selling should be completely at my discretion.

RESPONSE: Posting in 220 is completely at the discretion of the person/s. 220 only provides an avenue, it is up to users how and if they want to use it, within the framework available. If you post, and reeive questions, it is your choice to answer, or not. Friends can choose to Subscribe or Unsubscribe to your posts. If you are uncomfortable posting gifts, it is a personal choice. Some folk have created an alternate profile to post in 220, after writing to us and informing us.

Start a new closed group and get everyone active here to migrate to the new one. Not everyone here is active.
220 is not about the number of members, its more about the active members. Active members who want to buy/sell.

RESPONSE: 220 is definitely not about number of members. The content on 220 works differently for members. Some people use the group to get ideas, to exchange information, to connect with like-minded people and to grow concepts. All are not buyers or sellers. They are active users too and use the group differently.

Prefer that this were a closed group, mainly because of privacy concerns–the fact that non-members can browse through posts bothers me.
People with wrong intentions” joining in too.
To approve any new requests only after 2-3 days and not immediately or to approve after you send a mail and they reply to it.

RESPONSE: The moderators (admins) cannot monitor the profiles of every member and scrutinize every new member request. They have to be taken at face value. If there are issues with buyers, or sellers, we have mentioned in the guidelines – PLEASE INFORM ADMINS. On repeated occurrence of unwanted behavior, members can be removed / blocked. 220 is a non-profit initiative, a voluntary effort, and the admins are doing the best they can in the bandwidth available.

This group remains the original one where we exchange thoughts, ideas and experiences about recycling and all buying/selling moves to a separate, closed buy/sell group.

RESPONSE: Maintaining two different groups requires more bandwidth. It may also bifurcate the objective of the group as it is today. As said earlier, if we do move to a web app integrated with FB, this may be addressed.