Patchwork bed linen

Sangita Mohta, who retails garments like salwars, kurtis, etc. has an eye for what kind of fabrics and colours work to make cute bed linen. These are sheets which are patched together using bits and pieces of like-coloured and like-patterned fabrics, and adding a dash of interest with embroidered patches.


She is not exclusively into salvaging cloth and making these lovely coordinated sets, but it is something she has followed up to make the most use of any fabric she can find. And they look nice!


They range around Rs.300 Rs.400 for a sheet plus a pillow cover. to For these patchwork sheets, Sangita can be contacted at:

9, 4th Main Road, 1st Cross, Rammohanpura (near Devaiah Park), Bangalore.

Ph: 9900254100, 080 231344651