I’m no saint!

I set out to finish one chore the day before yesterday. Do some days start like that for you? You think to yourself, there’s just one thing I need to finish up today, so let me head out. With the usual sling bag / tote, making sure your purse is in it. Not thinking about whether you need an additional carry bag, or check in the car to see if there are any. Because – there’s just one chore to do.

Today Saturday started that way for me. And then I finish that one chore and spot a store I need some stationery from. Small things, so good. Then remember that the kids were craving for some candy. Buy that. Still fits in the sling bag. A dinner plan change strikes. No way two packs of pani puris are going in the sling – so I look quite downhearted when I ask for a plastic bag at the  store (paid for). Then walk past the bakery, add another bag for cake.

After all this, I’m crossing the street. And I feel almost furtive – being “caught” with two plastic bags!! Now that’s how one feels, after talking one’s face blue about the non-eco-friendliness of plastic bags and how it is absolutely essential to carry shopping bags, preferably cloth ones everywhere you go.

But this does happen – and I’m no saint. Yes, there are plastics at home. And when you have kids, there’s no way you can completely avoid them. When everything they use needs to be break – proof, spill-proof, injury-proof and NOT cost a bomb, some times plastic is the only way to go.  That’s a whole other post, I say!

So yeah, while we may not always be on our toes, it’s good to feel “furtive”. That’s a reminder for us to check our baggage BEFORE we leave home, and not count it after we’re done.