Upcycled silk!

It was a breezy afternoon on the beach in Trivandrum. Near white sand, clear waters and a family of three simply soaking up the sun. Only, suddenly a blaze of colour appeared stage left… It was street vendors selling wrap around skirts made from….. old silk sarees. The colours were so dazzling, I had to pick up a few. They were a 100 rupees each. Back in 2006. They didn’t get used much. Perhaps they were waiting for their new avatar, as little jewellery pouches or gift bags. Mythili (my SIL) and Mrs.Savithri (my mom-in-law) turn them into baubles I couldn’t have imagined! Here are just a few of them… For more, be sure to come to the 220 Flea Market!


pouch 2

pouch3Pics by Suresh G