How and when? Cardboard box shelving

Suman Anand has moved to the US, for a while. For people who move residences for short periods of time, knowing they’re not going to be stationed in a home forever has a big impact on their homes.

Questions that pop up are how much of everything do I buy? Furniture? Shelving for all of the stuff that a home gets filled up with, especially with a kid?

Suman has decided to go minimalist, and figured that daily grist is great for the recycling mill.

We pick up groceries in these large cardboard boxes, and they’re really thick. So I decided to use them in closets, instead of folding and stashing or throwing away. I changed the way we stacked the boxes. Now it is a fully functional shelf. I use the lids at the bottom to get enough room for the grocery packets.

cardboard box shelves

And then with the leftover boxes and pieces I made a nice BIG shoe rack for us!

cardboard box storage

Thanks for sharing, Suman. It’s not all in the talk, it’s in the practice!